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Gerald MacDonald: Pole Vaulter--Reaching New Heights

Gerald MacDonald, was born September 28, 1933. Growing  up in Springfield, Antigonish County, he came from a large family of nine boys and one girl. Their mother and father were farmers who worked hard to provide a life for their young family. At a very young age, Gerald became interested in track and field, at a time when it captured the interest of the many citizens of Antigonish County.  Young men were inspired by the accomplishments of athletes at the Highland Games in Antigonish.  Gerald's father would not begin his summer farming chores until after the Games were held--this was the practice throughout the County. Gerald was introduced to pole vaulting by a box of Wheaties, the "Breakfast of Champions".  The inspiration was a picture of the Reverend Bob Richards, an Olympic world champion pole vaulter. Gerald looked at the box every morning, and announced to his mother that he hoped to become a pole vaulter in the Highland Games. To help him improve in his sport, Ger

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